The voices, the production, the sound fx and the music libraries for the new millennium, are only a click away. In this web site you'll find the image that your radio or TV station is looking for. Many voices to choose from, dry or fully produced and all the production libraries you need to kill your competition, delivered to you at the speed of light.
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New Latino Demo Is up!!! Mega New York, Mega LA, and Amore New York!
May 15 2014
Noise 6 is everywhere! From WPLJ New York to Angola South Africa, and from Brazil to Greece!.....
Noise 6 is here ready to serve your production needs! Call today to lock it in your market.....
Noise 5
The Greatest Selling Imaging FX Library in the World... IS BACK!!! NOISE 5 is on the air.....
George Mier
George Mier the Big Man in Spanish Radio says: "Finalmente; una coleccion de sonidos.....
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